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An Introduction to Creative Work in Television with Peter Werner

Saturday, April 26

Part 1: 9:00AM — 12:30PM

Part 2: 2:00PM — 5:30PM

Part 3: 7:00PM — 10:00PM

Location: SWAMP Offices

1519 West Main/Houston, TX 77006(map)

In recent years, the quality and popularity of episodic television now rivals or exceeds that of most feature productions. Popular programs such as Mad MenBreaking BadDownton Abbey and The Walking Deadhave gone a long way towards increasing viewer expectations, whetting audience’s appetites worldwide for engrossing storytelling, creating an incredibly lucrative market as demand for episodic content increases.

The skillset required for working in television is essentially the same as that needed for feature productions, however, the roles of a director and that of a producer (referred to as the “Show Runner” in television) are reversed: in television, it is the Show Runner who executes a show’s creative direction.

It all begins with simple storytelling. Emmy® nominated and Academy Award® winning director Peter Werner will lead an intensive all-day workshop designed to give a simple overview of the industry, provide an understanding of the basics of behind-the-scenes workings of a production, share professional insights into directing episodic television, and lead simple exercises in blocking actors and storyboarding, while inspiring those wanting to adapt their artistic vision to television’s creative format.

“Peter Werner’s remarkable work behind the camera has made him one of the most sought after TV directors in the industry. Having studied under Peter, I was frankly surprised and inspired by how openly and selflessly he shares his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with his students. I learned so much about the craft of directing from him and will be employing some of his techniques to my own process.”—Michelle Mower, Writer-Director,The Preacher’s Daughter