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SWAMP promotes the creation and appreciation of film, video, and new media as art forms of a multicultural community.

Southwest Alternate Media Project, Inc.

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The Southwest Alternate Media Project, Inc. is proud to host the US premiere screening of "Tin Horses," a film by Aníbal Capoano that empowered his community to create a beautiful statement out of garbage. Travelling from Montevideo, Uruguay, the director will also conduct a workshop on filmmaking in large cities and the implications for communities.

DIRECTOR'S WORKSHOP - This interactive workshop with Aníbal Capoano will include short film clips, scenes, and examples of lowest price generic levitra art objects made from garbage. Participants are encouraged to actively engage with questions, and examples of Houston filmmaking experiences.

The workshop will cover:

I. Community Processes In Filmmaking: The objective of this portion of the uk cialis workshop is to describe and discuss the processes that a filmmaker employes when working with a community. Topics include "Relational Aesthetics," "Community and Participatory Video." Using scenes from the movie, the director will discuss creative strategies for actions and performances in community. Other film examples will be screened, analyzed and discussed. The workshop will also include examples of artists who work with garbage.

II. Framing The Unexpected: The constant challenge of "chance" in documentary filmmaking. The pivotal scene in a documentary is not the one that is expected to occur, but rather-- the occurence of the unexpected: to program chance and happenstance; to address the unforeseen from a set camera frame. The director will analyze examples and levitra cheapest the workshop participants will discuss and work with strategies. Workshop participants are encouraged to participate actively.

LOCATION OF THE WORKSHOP AND SCREENING: Rice University – Rice Media Center/Rice Cinema6100 Main Street, MS-549Houston, TX 77005

SCHEDULE2:30 - 5:30 pm Director's Workshop5:30 - 6:30 pm Dinner7:00 pm - US Premiere Screening of "Tin Horses" followed by Q&A with the director

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